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As part of the Data Protection Group, we specialise in GDPR Training Courses, GDPR Workshops, Audits in Privacy and GDPR Compliance.

We design workshops and course days in your location or region allowing you to gather your teams or help your organisation, federation or association to attend the workshops and courses.  So, we come to you! because every company now needs to be in compliance, from the individual practice to the multi-national organisation.  Our privacy and compliance staff have over 30 years experience in areas of legal, data protection and compliance consultancy services.

We provide industry leading Data Protection and GDPR related Privacy and Compliance solutions to SME’s, Professionals and Enterprises throughout Ireland and Europe. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed in May 2016 and is enforceable from 25th May 2018. This is the biggest change in the laws affecting the handling of personal data in over 20 years. Compliance and being able to evidence compliance is mandatory for businesses and professionals who handle personal data.

Our legal, #privacy and #compliance staff can #audit, assess, and advise your business on your current GDPR compliance status.

More importantly, we deliver the full range of Data Protection services and products to bring your business into compliance. This will enable you to evidence compliance for handling, processing, storing and securing personal data in line with the principles of the GDPR. Prepare your organisation today for the upcoming changes arising from the EU General Data Protection Regulation #GDPR.

Our Next Training Workshop in Dublin

Our Next Training Workshop in Dublin

Our Next Training Workshop in Cork

Our Next Training Workshop in Cork

Our Next Training Workshop in Sligo

Our Next Training Workshop in Sligo


Netforce have engaged The Data Protection Group's GDPR services. We found them an excellent company to work with and have no issue recommending them.

Christine Doyle
General Manager.

I confirm that David Fagan has worked with our firm in two capacities on our own GDPR compliance assessment and secondly partnering with us on a consultancy basis in relation to our clients GDPR compliance assessments.

In my dealings with David, I have found him to be very knowledgeable in the area of GDPR and technically very strong. I have also found him to be very client focused and very skilled and practical when dealing with clients.

Brendan Mullally,
Audit Partner
RBK Business Advisors

We commenced engagement with The Data Protection Group in 2017. The Data Protection Group has provided and continues to provide a variety of GDPR Audits to our local Authority clients. We are delighted to recommend them for all GDPR Solutions and Services.

Fergal Meehan.