Data Protection Officer

A Contract Data Protection Officer and training in-house can fulfil duties and compliance requirements by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The obligation on companies to document and safeguard information for identifiable living persons and companies must also be able to provide evidence compliance.

This places significant responsibilities on companies to do the following:

  • Review their current practices
  • Have a publicly available Statement of Information Practices
  • Create and have a client information leaflet (where needed)
  • Document all processing activities
  • Training
    • Ensure all staff are adequately trained and understand their obligations under GDPR for client data
    • Maintain evidence of such training
  • Consent
    • Collect and keep evidence of clear consent for all processing and  secondary uses
    • Renew and keep that consent current
  • Policies - Under the GDPR the following policies and procedures/processes  require to be in place
    • Data Protection
    • Handling Subject Access Requests
    • Breach management
    • Breach register

Contract your Data Protection Officer and let us guide you.

Many companies may not be in a position to fund the recruitment or training required for a member of staff to act as a DPO (Data Protection Officer) and be responsible to ensure the company meets its obligations.

To meet this need we at the Data Protection Group have a variety of flexible contract for service DPO options available.
We have competitive packages available with a variety of delivery options and payment plans available.  

If you are interested, want to have an Audit, Upskill, Contract with us - Contact GDPR Training.