GDPR Readiness Assessments

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes obligations and places significant responsibilities on companies to be transparent and compliant in their data handling processes. This requires them not only document processes and how they safeguard information on identifiable living persons but companies must also be able to evidence compliance with all elements of the GDPR.

Many companies are unsure of how to progress with these obligations. The first step required is to review your current practices against what’s required, document the gaps and have a plan to bring your company and your organisation up to compliance.

You then need to implement this plan and reassess and evidence your improved level of compliance.


What can we do to help?

Many companies may not be in a position to conduct such reviews or to fund the recruitment or training required for a member of staff to be a Privacy lead or a DPO (Data Protection Officer) if required under the law.

To meet this need we at the Data Protection Group have a variety of options available such as;

  • Once off consultancy and advice services
  • Audits to identify the gaps.
  • Remediate and build any required policy documents, procedures & staff training.
  • Build your Policy documents through our new online platform
  • Sign up to one of our Contract services for Privacy lead consultant, Data Protection Officer (DPO), Online policy document platform and several other services.


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