Remediation Services

If your company has gaps in its GDPR compliance such as things your company have not done, policies they do not have in place and neglected to state, we can offer services to fix and remediate.


At our professional legal and technical remediation teams are highly experienced in providing solutions to our clients' GDPR challenges.


We define our remediation services by exceeding customer expectations at every touchpoint.


Our Privacy and Compliance team have extensive experience working across a wide range of industry sectors and this enables us to address the specific requirements of the GDPR regulation and deliver complex solutions to both multinationals and SME’s in equal measure.


Our remediation services are available to clients for whom we have already performed their GDPR readiness assessments and therefore having identified what GDPR compliance gaps and also for those who wish us to deliver certain required services and/or advice on foot of their own GDPR reviews.


We at can provide the necessary solutions to bring you to and ensure you can demonstrate regulatory compliance.


Remediation Services

  • GDPR Action Planning and project management
  • Data mapping and Data Inventory solutions
  • Building required documentation,
  • Policies and procedures Authoring, revising and implementation
  • Privacy statements and cookie compliance
  • Online support tools to help you evidence compliance and your path to compliance
    • Enabling self-assessment
    • Data Mapping and Data Inventory
    • Handling Subject Access Requests (SAR)
  • Online support service
  • Staff Training and workshops



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